Ear Candling: A Gentle Solution for Ear Wellness

Sink into tranquility as long, tapered cones are gently lit, and herbal smoke works its magic, drawing out impurities through osmosis. 🌬️ The entire process is designed for your comfort and well-being.

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🌟 Unwind and Rejuvenate with Our Ear Candling Service!

Discover the soothing benefits of ear candling, a safe and simple remedy crafted to delicately remove excess wax and toxins from within the ears. During this noninvasive procedure, long, tapered cones are gently inserted into the ears and lit. The herbal smoke produced works naturally, drawing debris out of the ears through the process of osmosis.

Experience a tranquil and relaxing session that promotes ear wellness, leaving you with a sense of comfort and clarity. Trust in the gentle effectiveness of ear candling to promote a healthier and more balanced auditory experience. Pricing:

45 minutes…………… $65